So, its been a few months since salons have been allowed to re-open and after turning a massive milestone in life (40!) I decided to take on the challenge of PPE. Masked up to the eyeballs (literally) with masks, visor, plastic apron and gloves it was back to work for me. I've got to admit it felt very strange at first but its now just become second nature. Dare I say it, I can't imagine going back to a time where I hugged my clients (yes that did sometimes happen). My comfy blankets and soft furnishings had to go and be replaced by very clinical looking, wipeable surfaces. I am discovering new ways of creating a snuggly ambience and although I'm going through couch roll like its loo roll, I am resisting the urge to buy more than two at a time for the fear of becoming a stock piler!

So, what's the verdict has COVID-19 taken the Lavender out of the Lavender Lounge? No way! When you've got cosy running through your veins it comes out in your treatments and despite the amount of PPE, its the same smiley face behind it all wanting to give my clients the best experience ever, albeit in a COVID secure, sterile way. Stay safe everyone.....

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